The term ‘prefabrication’ describes assemblies that are manufactured under factory conditions before transportation to construction sites for incorporation into building engineering works. Michael Nugent Ltd has its own prefabrication facility at headquarters in Pomeroy. We provide fabrication for systems including mechanical, instrumentation to specific process plant and pipework. Due to the size of our facility, pre-fabricated modules, plant rooms etc. can be stored off site until the building or project is ready to accept them.

Michael Nugent Ltd see prefabrication as a key part of modern mechanical services installation as it provides the following benefits:


The quality achievable within factory prefabrication is higher than that which can be achieved on site. This particularly applies to welding and hot trades such as pipe work and mechanical services. At current projects such as Dairy Hall Leisure Centre, Newtownabbey and Queens University Belfast, School of Biological Sciences we have constructed entire plant rooms in our facility before transporting to site. This process saved complex site work in confined spaces.

Scheduling Benefits

Prefabrication involves pre-planning and developing the entire system. This includes all hook-up and finishing touches of the system allowing maximum efficiency in scheduling. While our team are working on site our prefabrication are simultaneously preparing the system to be delivered to site at the exact moment required.
Depending on size the arrival of the prefabrication work completed in the shop can shave days or weeks off of the installation process. All of which leading to a quicker speed to occupancy whilst saving time and money.

Smaller Numbers On-Site

Prefabrication of mechanical systems also allow us to reduce the number of workers needed on-site. This helps to lower costs associated with the site and reduce the potential for scheduling conflicts. By moving some of the work into our fabrication facility, we can operate with a smaller focused team, especially in the last phase of construction, when the time being spent is critical.

Safety for Workers

When working in our facility, we are able to fully maximize the safety of the workers. The controlled environment in the shop allows for bench-height work. Our shop is designed to make it safer for our skilled craftsmen to work on mechanical equipment.
Contrast that to on-site work where you will find tight fits, pinch injury opportunities, and overhead work with the inherent danger in working on ladders. By utilizing prefabricated mechanical systems for our projects, we are able to reduce the number of workers in tight, confined spaces making for a safer overall work-site.