New Waverley Through the Eyes of BIM

New Waverley, Edinburgh is a new cultural and innovation quarter bringing together offices, homes, shops, art and leisure in a brand-new district. The scheme, carried out for Artisan Real Estate Investors occupies a 7.5 acre site and links Waverley Station to the Royal Mile. Michael Nugent Ltd are providing a full mechanical and electrical services installation for the Grade A offices with works well under way. The speed and quality of our works would not be possible without Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is redefining the construction industry with clear benefits of collaboration, visualisation, coordination and information retrieval.


Current Federated Model

Michael Nugent Ltd currently operate at BIM Level 2 compliance, using 3D Intelligent models and collaborating with external parties using the latest 3D software and techniques for all our projects. For the design of New Waverley Edinburgh Michael Nugent Ltd used MEP BIM Shop Drawing for all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, with the aid of this tool we were able to produce detailed layouts, resulting in a smooth and hurdle free installation. On the electrical side of things we used BIM to design all electrical containment, lighting and fire protection, with the model enabling us to simulate thermal and lighting performance through the changing seasons. Furthermore, we utilised BIM to develop sustainable designs as we strive for a BREEAM rating of Excellent on this stunning project.

Building Information Modelling has a number of advantages:

  • Visualisation: BIM helps create 3D walkthroughs and animations to serve as an effective tool for visualisation.
  • Coordination: BIM is used to coordinate design models, to produce installation models, to reduce clashes and achieve smoother and more timely installation for tradesmen on site
  • Collaboration: BIM brings the project designers, engineers, and contractors together to provide consistency with information.
  • Maintenance: BIM also facilitates building maintenance and performance.
  • Pre-fabrication: BIM is used to create models for plant rooms and pipework which are then fabricated in our MNL workshop before being delivered and craned into position on site, saving both time and money.
  • Documentation: BIM helps in converting 3D models to 2D for effective documentation.

The images below showcase our BIM capabilities on the New Waverley, Edinburgh project…

Typical above ceiling services"PlantroomRiser DetailWork in progress Asset Register with link to product data"Perspectives