Michael Nugent Granted M&E Contract for £30m Freemen’s School Refurbishment Project

The City of London Freemen’s School is proceeding with phase 2 of its £30million “master plan” refurbishment project with Michael Nugent Ltd chosen to provide the M&E.

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Phase 2 of the plan by the London school includes the complete refurbishment of the Ashtead 18th century mansion house and the construction of an eye catching swimming pool, after phase one in 2014 saw the completion of a music school and boarding house. Works on this project are due to start around January 2017.

The independent school is yet to decide how the new facility – including a 25m swimming pool, learner pool and “events space” – will be made available to local schools and the public through its outreach programme.

Headmaster Roland Martin said the plans would help give students “skills as well as qualifications” as a part of the school’s “holistic education”.

Michael Nugent Ltd are proud to be a part of such a distinguished educational project, having a wealth of experience providing M&E for various schools and universities throughout the UK & Ireland.

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(Images courtesy of Hawkins/Brown Architects)