Michael Nugent Commencing Forthriver Innovation Centre Works

Michael Nugent has recently started M&E work on site at the new Innovation Centre at Forthriver Business Park in west Belfast. The development is backed by Belfast City Council who says the centre will be a “catalyst for development” and “create additional employment prospects for the area.”


Construction has been ongoing for quite a while now at the Forthriver site on the Springfield Road, where the four-storey building is starting to take shape. Michael Nugent’s role in the project has just begun, providing mechanical and electrical installations on site. The above photo is what the project should look like upon completion; a modern masterpiece providing a hub of learning and prosperity.

Forthriver 3

 Once complete the centre will provide 382 new jobs and complement schemes at the nearby Belfast Metropolitan College campus. At 55,000 square feet, the building includes high-quality business space, along with excellent telecoms infrastructure, meeting rooms and shared space where businesses can come together, collaborate innovate and develop new products, processes and business ideas.