Michael Nugent awarded Illustrious University College London Contract

The University College London (UCL) received planning permission for the Faculty of Laws project within the Grade II listed Bentham House, a part of the Bloomsbury Campus in November 2014. Michael Nugent was awarded the subsequent M&E contract.

UCL old building UCL proposed building

The redevelopment of the Faculty of Laws will join together and redevelop the relationship between the Grade II listed Bentham House and its neighbouring Gideon Schreier Wing. The project proposes a major refurbishment and extension of the two existing buildings that form the Faculty’s home. The pictures above show what the building looks like at present (left), and what the building will look like when it is completed (right).

The lucrative contract was awarded to Michael Nugent a couple months ago, and pre-contract work has already begun, with the main mechanical and electrical work aiming to begin around March 2016.

One of the main reasons for redevelopment is that the two buildings are no longer large enough, and were never intended to function together. The resulting compromise does not support the Faculty’s operation or its reputation as a world-class study centre.

The redesign of the space is a response to modern methods of learning, and an expanding body of students and staff, allowing the Faculty improved quality spaces for offices, research and teaching, as well as common areas to enhance the experience of university life.

proposed plan UCL

The Gideon Schreier Wing will be re-clad in Portland stone, connecting the listed buildings to either side, reinstating the grain and proportions of the street, and reflecting the unified faculty home inside (above).