Daisy Lodge Cancer Centre for Children Wins An Award!

Daisy Lodge has just won a prestigious award.DAISY _6

The award was a Bronze award at the World Green Awards held in New Zealand earlier this month. The award is for the Building & Construction of Daisy Lodge.

The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children’s Daisy Lodge in Shimna Valley, is a cosy yet modern mountain-lodge style accommodation offering short breaks to families affected by cancer. At 16,000 square feet and with the capacity to house over 500 families a year, the lodge is the first of its kind in Europe. It contains the ideal facilities for a relaxing break – from a well-being suite, gym, relaxation area, games room and playroom to a restaurant and cinema.

Our job was to provide all mechanical services to the new-build accommodation, including all heating, plumbing, public health and ventilation services, and with our timely planning of works, the project was completed ahead of schedule. We’re delighted to have been part of this very exclusive project and glad to have contributed to the NICFC’s care for families affected by cancer.