Fermanagh Heritage Gateway Project to Transform Enniskillen Castle

A £3m renovation project at Enniskillen Castle is set to transform the tourist site and inspire local and overseas visitors.

Fermanagh Heritage Project

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Works are underway on an exciting £3m project at Enniskillen Castle, with the development of a new exhibition centre, museum and visitors’ space.

The project – which also includes refurbishments to the castle itself – involved the demolition of an old health centre to accommodate the new exhibition centre and tourist information point.

Once complete, it’s hoped the Fermanagh Heritage Gateway Project will provide a ‘gateway’ not only to Enniskillen Castle but the rest of the county – inspiring both local and overseas visitors to discover Fermanagh’s history and culture. It’ll therefore be an important contribution to the area’s growing tourism industry, generating economic growth and raising Fermanagh’s profile on an international scale.

Enniskillen Castle was built the 15th Century by the Gaelic Maguires. Located next to the River Erne that offered an important passage into Ulster, it was a strategic point throughout history. The new exhibition centre will bring light to that, celebrating the castle’s significance and lasting cultural heritage.

Michael Nugent is installing all mechanical works at the centre, including plumbing, heating, ventilation and sanitation works. It’s exciting to be involved in such a meaningful project and we’re looking forward to see the completed centre.

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