Michael Nugent Goes Green

We’ve fitted a new biomass boiler at our headquarters. The system will be an essential addition to our environmentally friendly building, as we aim for even lower carbon emissions.

Biomass Boiler MNL

Ireland spends an incredible €3bn on heating every year. That’s 40% of our overall spend on energy and the equivalent 5,200 kilotonnes of oil. The statistics have led to a warning from the EU Commission that Ireland will not reach its targets by 2020 under the EU Renewables Directive.

So we decided to do our part in changing the statistics. Though Michael Nugent has already helped loads of clients do their bit for the environment by fitting renewable mechanical solutions, we thought it was our turn to go the extra (green) mile towards environmental change.

Biomass Boiler MNL 2

Biomass Boiler MNL3

We fitted a new 99kw biomass boiler to our headquarters in Co. Tyrone, which will significantly reduce our carbon emissions. The installation comes with the recent expansion of our offices, as we built an extension to accommodate our Electrical Division and growing team. The boiler will service our office block, workshops and stores.

Michael Nugent has already incorporated environmentally friendly systems into our headquarters, with energy efficient lighting and ventilation. Yet the new biomass boiler will bring even more environmental benefits.

Biomass systems are ‘carbon lean’, meaning they produce low levels of carbon dioxide. They also emit lower levels of pollutants like sulphur dioxide, which contribute to acid rain. With fewer dangerous emissions, biomass boilers help slow the process of climate change and lessen impact to local ecosystems.

Good impacts for everyone

But the benefits aren’t just environmental. By buying and using biomass materials, we can support local rural businesses. Biomass can be produced everywhere in the UK and Ireland, so investing in it means supporting the growth of rural enterprise. This also acts as an economic incentive to manage – and in the long term – protect British and Irish woodland.

As well as advantages to the physical and economic environment, biomass boilers are highly sophisticated with comparable heat emissions to fossil fuels boilers.

That means as much heat for a fraction of the environmental cost, adding to our ISO 140001 accreditation and helping us perform to the highest environmental standard.

Michael Nugent has provided efficient mechanical solutions for many of our clients. Take a look at Towerview Primary School for an example of our environmentally friendly services.