Michael Nugent Wins Schrader Electronics Contract

We’ve won the Electrical Services Installation Contract for the extension of Schrader Electronics’ factory

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Michael Nugent Ltd has been awarded the Electrical Services Installation Contract for the extension of the Schrader Electronics factory in Carrickfergus. Following the company’s £59m investment, Schrader Electronics is expanding with the enlargement of their facilities and the creation of up to 250 new jobs.

As part of the project, Michael Nugent Ltd will provide the electrical services in the new development – including general power, structured cabling and general and emergency lighting. We will also deliver new fire alarms and security systems, as well as air-conditioning and ventilation.

Schrader Electronics Ltd is a global market leader in the design and development of tyre pressure monitoring systems, which are fitted by car companies such as BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover. As a division of Schrader International, the organisation has been operating in their 50,000 square foot facility since 1996.

Yet the company’s recent investment – which was supported by Invest NI and the European Union Regional Development fund – is expected to double production to 60 million units per year by 2017. The additional 241 jobs created as a result, are expected to see a payout of up to £7m per year in salaries.

The investment comes as a result of upcoming changes in EU legislation, which determine that all new vehicles manufactured in Europe from November this year must be fitted with tyre pressure monitors that connect to warning systems on the dashboard display

The factory expansion will see the development of new office space, a new canteen and a world-class production hall. This will facilitate new research projects that will enable the continual improvement of Schrader Electronics products.

Our electrical services will therefore be designed, implemented and installed with the highest level of innovation, ensuring Schrader Electronics is fitted with the most advanced and reliable of electrical solutions.

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